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The Auburn University Black Graduate and Professional Student Association is a chapter of the National Black Graduate Student Association (NBGSA) which was founded at Howard University in 1989. On Auburn’s campus, we are under the Multicultural Affairs Office with the goal of becoming a prominent organization for the needs of African-American students.

Mission Statement

The Auburn University Black Graduate and Professional Association is an academic and professional organization that exists to address the unique needs and concerns of minority graduate and professional students, and to promote diversity within the Auburn community. The mission of the Auburn University Black Graduate and Professional Association is to advance the scholarly activity of minority students and to improve the conditions of the social environment.

Through the use of consistent social interaction and multi-cultural programming geared largely towards scholarship, career and community assistance, the Black Graduate and Professional Association fosters academic achievement, understanding of and respect for differences, and, ultimately, the development of future minority leadership.

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Back to School | Tim Hudson has re-enrolled in classes 20+ years later and has his sights set on earning his @AuburnU degree.

"I'm excited to get it under my belt, get that paper on the wall and be a good example to my kids."

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Congratulations to Auburn BGPSA Alumna Megan Thomas on being featured in Women in Agriculture Science!

Continue to transform and innovate the world Megan!

Last modified: December 18, 2018